"Rooby Rooby Roooooo!" Popular opinion has it that Hanna-Barbera’s Scooby Doo went all crap upon the introduction to the series of his pint-sized nephew Scrappy. In reality, Scooby Doo was a steaming pile of talking dog mess long before this. In fact, Scooby Doo was never good. The adventures of the anthromorphosised Scooby, dashing-bit-dull high-school jock Fred, goggle-eyed fatso Velma, red-legged, red-headed saucestress Daphne, and possibly drug-toking, unshaven, hippy coward Shaggy were about as unpredictable as dusk

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Every week the same thing happened: Scooby and the gang would visit some relative, let’s call him "Uncle Johnny", who lived in an old house/airfield/circus near a swamp. Upon arriving at the house, Uncle Johnny would be acting odd/evil/absent, and the house would seemingly be haunted. The ghosts would chase a terrified Scooby and Shaggy, who would intermittently distract it by posing as barbers/butchers/soldiers and give it a haircut/chicken/orders, and then run away. In the meantime Fred, Daphne and Velma would’ve found a box of balloons, and a cannister of helium, which would lead them to deduce that the ghost is nothing but a helium-inflated puppet operated by the evil local sherrif/circus ringmaster, who has been posing as Uncle Johnny, since having locked the real Uncle Johnny in the basement. Then the evil fiend would reveal a scheme to dredge for diamonds in the lake at the back of the house, which he would’ve gotten away with if it wasn’t for "You meddling kids". This was all nonsense.

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Firstly, he would’ve gotten away with it if he’d have just murdered Uncle Johnny and his meddling relations within five minutes of them arriving at the house. Secondly, he’d have probably gotten away with it if he didn’t spend so much time arsing around with balloons and sheets and stuff, and just gotten on with looking for the loot. Lastly, he’d have gotten away with it if he hadn’t been such an obvious badguy, with a perma-scowl, and gruff voice. The "reveal" at the end of each episode was no more surprising than drawing back your bedsheets of a morning to find the rest of your body nestling beneath.

Admittedly, when Scrappy Doo - a smart-arsed, pint-sized version of Scooby, who would tackle badguys while screeching "Puppy Power!" - arrived on the show, it had achieved a new nadir. The appearance of Scrappy (he really should have been called "Crappy Poo Poo") pushed out Velma and Fred, and resulted in episodes splitting into two self-contained stories, yet this wasn’t the first time the show’s format had been toyed with. Who remembers the Scooby Doo and Dyno-Mutt hour, or Scooby’s Laugh-Olympics? Nobody. The fact remains that Scooby Doo was awful right from the very beginning.

Bet you didn’t know this, though: Scooby Doo got his name from a line in Frank Sinatra’s version of Strangers In The Night, in which the blue-eyed, Mafia-affiliated crooner sang "Scooby-dooby-doo". Straight up.

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