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Have you ever thought if the film you wanted to see would upset or disturb you? If so, you’ll be relieved to hear you now can find out this potentially life-saving information at the Childcare Action Project (CAP) web site. 

CAP is a film review site with a difference; here you can find out how many offences to God are contained within the evils of Satan's handbag (Pokémon: The Movie) or how much 'Wanton Violence/Crime' is waiting to corrupt you in the Devil's scrotal soup (Toy Story 2).  

CAP score movies on a system based on the 'teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ' (which is an unbiased system if ever there was one). What it comes down to is this; these screwballs review films and tell us how ungodly they are, and if we are going to burn in Hell if we go to see it. That's basically it, but it is well worth a read.
Fact:  Only one movie has ever been deemed completely worthy by CAP, and that was the unashamedly drug-induced, hallucinogenic trip-out of Disney's Mary Poppins.

Before you take a look at our recommended starting point read  the CAP objectives and then tell us that these guys aren't fruitcakes:

CAP objectives

  • To scientifically prove a symbiosis between the entertainment media preferences of youth and the relationship of youth with fair authority (parental, exofamilial, other youth).
  • To analyze and expose the content of Federal mandates that require local schools to incorporate programs which usurp parental authority and direction; which present pansexualism and freedom from accountability; which encourage re-examination of parent- and Gospel-taught ethics; which encourage modification and/or abandonment of righteous values; and which engage in other non-educational matters.

Our Recommended starting point for CAP is the review for South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

Read it:

Cap Alert Answers
Offense to God in Pokémon:

speaks to evolution and not to Creation
psychic powers to control others
demon-acting pokemon; a gargoyle with the ability to control massive fire and power
portrayal that tears can resurrect from the dead

Wanton Violence/Crime in Toy Story 2

a video game killing
threat with physical violence

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