The FBI's ten most wanted fugitives
The FBI's own quasi-amusing TOP TEN list underlines the fact that with over 27,800 staff on its books, the FBI is one of the largest, most powerful – and unwieldy and ineffective – law-enforcement agencies in the world.

Unlike Bubblegun’s own Top Tens, which are updated several times a week, the FBI hasn't generated any new material for its Top Ten lists in over 2 years. Fugitives such as James “Atomic Dog” Kopp, Eric Rudolph, Usama “The Director” Bin Laden and “Doctor” Victor von Doom continue to evade capture. This is in spite of the fact that rewards of up to $5,000,000 are being offered, and their faces are plastered over every public building in America, while Mr Super Special agent “Big” Dick Tracy is on the case 24-7.

Bubblegun has come to the conclusion that either the FBI stands for “Fat Bloated Idiots”, or the most wanted criminals in America have somehow ended up elsewhere in the world – possibly even in your street, children! So visit the list; your new neighbour, who you jokingly refer as “Fruity Joe” on account of his eccentric political views and bomb-making equipment, could be worth a fortune to the right people. However, if you do turn him in, and make a non-lethal killing of your own, we’d expect a minimum 10% finder’s fee.


We always like to start with some Dick, and this is no exception.
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