Killer Fonts

The name is more literal than you might expect. For $9.95 per font, or $19.95 for three, this commercially-run site offers visitors the chance to download fonts based upon the handwriting of famous killers. Former Monkees member Charles Manson, Jack The Ripper, Kennedy killers Sirhan Sirhan and Lee Harvey Oswald are among those available. Distasteful? Of course. But think of the fun you can have forging threatening letters to friends.

If you find the whole murderer angle uncomfortable, there’s a wide selection of fonts based upon the handwriting of less-lethal – albeit dead – individuals; US presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Beethoven, Edgar Allen Poe, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill and Columbus are but some of the scrawlings on offer.

 We recommend Jeffrey Dahmer’s handwriting, if only for the page’s virtual justification of his anti-social activities:

“Dismembering bodies, saving body parts, engaging in cannibalism, having sex with corpses or parts of corpses is very disturbed, bizarre behavior but does not, in itself, mean Dahmer is crazy... There are men who married and have good jobs. They are not serial killers. They do not hear voices or believe there is a conspiracy to kill them. However, the only way they can reach orgasm is to have a woman urinate or defecate on them.” Damn right, buddy.

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