Landover Baptist Church
The only church in America that really understands the bible.

One of our top web sites of the last century has to be the Landover Baptist Church.  Landover mocks the Christian Church so intelligently most visitors don't realise that the site is just a quality parody of Christian websites. In fact, if you read the guest book you will be amazed at the furiously threatening responses given by irony-free Americans who simply cannot grasp the concept of satire. 
The site contains a 'dirty word' checker which censors all 'unclean' words from responses to the site and satire is one of the words which is not be allowed. 

The Landover Baptists spread the message of truth and God's word to the world, but remember; if you are unsaved, you are unwelcome here.

You must read Pastor Deacon Fred's review of the new Stephen King movie 'The Green Mile', this has been a highlight of the web for the last few weeks and we think it should be shared. Enjoy. 

"Hollywood's favorite homo Tom Hank's new movie "The Green Mile" is a shamelessly smutty adaptation of Satanist Stephen King's pornographic novel called "The Black Penis." The story first appeared in the sodomite magazine "Butch Bottoms" accompanied, we are told, by photographs of beefy debauched men in prison uniforms performing unnatural acts on each other and taxpayer purchased brooms and guard batons."
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