“Home of the facially inept…”


Paying homage to those amongst us blessed with less-than-perfect facial features, Mingers.com provides the visitor with picture galleries of people who look like their heads have been used a bowling balls on alleys lined with flames and broken glass and that.

Split into such galleries as classic, couples and reader submissions, Mingers.com provides a plethora of headshots covering all genders, race, mental disposition etc. In fact, some of the photos on offer here are so horrific, the ethics of the site must be called into question: some are almost too ugly to be considered products of anything other than some regrettable drunken in-breeding between immediate family members.

The site even encourages viewers to submit photos of their own friends and family to be proudly displayed for all to see. And yes, the section is called “Readers’ Mingers”.

Where to start.
The gallery entitled “Classic” has to be seen. It’s like a car crash: you don’t want to look, but… you just… can’t… help it.


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