"Though the challenges to provide toilet facilities have been overcome in rich countries, it has still to be met in developing countries like India." Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, fouder of Sulabh Sanitation Movement.

We don't know why, but toilets and wee-wee and poo-poo are real funny stuff. However, the folks behind the Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets don't think so. They think toilets matters are a dead serious topic. This site is invaluable for anyone wishing to learn about toilets around the world, and their evolution from a simple drainage system invented in 2500BC, to a primitive flush toilet discovered in Persian Gulf, and dated around 1000BC, right up to Queen Victoria's gold-plated bog, and the introduction of the world's first "auto-control" toilet in 1980. Whatever that was. 

Lavishly illustrated throughout with full-colour pictures of toilets, the Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets is the website for a real-world exhibition in India, established "To educate students about the historical trends in the development of toilets". However, judging from the site, the founder of the museum Dr Bindeshwar Pathak is somewhat obsessed. 

"Unlike body functions like dance, drama and songs, defecation is considered very lowly," rages the crusading Pathak, before yelling: "Charles Richet attributes this silence to the disgust that arises from noxiousness and lack of usefulness of human waste. Others point out that as sex organs are the same or nearer to the organs of defecation, those who dared to write on toilet habits were dubbed either as erotic or as vulgar and, thus, despised."


Here you can learn essential toilet triva. Did you know that in spite of its inadequate toilet facilities, India produces 900 million litres of urine and 135 million kilogrammes of faecal matter per day? Did you care? Does anyone other than Dr Bindeshwar Pathak care?

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