Tokyo Toilet Map

“In Japan, toilet paper is not available at the majority of restrooms in train or metro stations. Many of these restrooms are dirty and smell awful.”

And so, some kind soul has taken it upon themselves to list Tokyo’s public toilets, and review them. A valuable service to tourists and locals alike. Best of all, the site creator’s “unique” use of English grammar and spelling ensures we can all have a good laugh at his expense.

Contrast the Shimbashi toilet on Tokyo’s Yurikamome line - “This is rare clean toilet at a station in Tokyo. There is no smell, no dirt and many papers” – with the one at Akihabara on the JR Yamate line – “This toilet is under stair to platform and a lawless zone. It is shit outside of bowl and the worst smell. Help me!”

Far and away our favourite part of the site is the selection of Japanese toilet graffiti. Our favourite bog-wall slogan was: “Grasp and rub pennis. Milk will come out.”

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