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Bubblegun's favorite fortnightly TV listings site, and not only because of the kind words on the links page. If you're of the opinion that there is nothing but smelly turds on the telly, take a look at TV Go Home and discover what you're missing. The latest listings update informs us that at 10.40pm tonight you can catch a new series of 'Slamback And Pokehole', described as a "Darkly humorous blend of claymation and live action chronicling the fictional adventures of a pair of unnecessarily violent sado-masochistic gorilla detectives, terrorising the Chicago underworld with their unique form of instant penetrative 'justice'". Obviously, Aaron Spelling could learn a thing or two from this site.

The listing pages which make up the site are well designed and brilliantly written, but there are one or two niggles. Profanity-laced genius doesn't always flow, and so there's only one update every two weeks. However, if you do require a regular fix you could always dive into the archives. Also, the main page is a single jpeg image, so if you are running a old 486 with precious little hard disk space, and a 14.4k modem, you could have problems.  But then, that's your own fault for browsing the Internet with such a shitty-arsed relic.

Just take a glance at this issues listings.


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